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Supporting Israeli Women's National Softball Teams

Welcome to the official store of the Israeli Women's National Softball Teams.  The proceeds of all sales help support Israel's National Women's Softball Teams and the Israel Softball Association.  

For many years now, the sport of softball in Israel has been evolving into a pastime that we all enjoyed when we were living abroad. The Israel Softball Association was founded by a group of North and South American immigrants in 1979, and it has done tremendous work in promoting the game to Israelis and in organizing leagues throughout the country.

Currently, the Israeli Women's National Softball Team is ranked 6th in Europe and 18th in the world. It is our goal to qualify for the 2028 LA Olympics.

The National Team is preparing to participate this summer at the European Championships at the Open and U22 levels. The teams are made up of an excellent mix of homegrown Israeli players and North American immigrants, all of whom love the game and who can now compete at the highest level. This specific undertaking of cultivating a pipeline of younger players could be a turning point for softball in Israel, as these players represent the future of the game in the country. A successful trip to the European Championships will give softball a huge boost, both in terms of the level of play that these kids will infuse into our leagues and in terms of the publicity the game will receive, and will mean one more step on the way towards the Olympics.

Moreover, we view this as a great chance for the team to positively represent Israel to players and fans from all around the globe. The girls have made lasting friendships with their fellow players, forever changing the way many of their counterparts view Israel. A trip to the European Championships is yet another opportunity for the girls to show the world that Israelis are respectful, convivial, and peace-loving, while competing every bit as hard as anyone else in the world.

However, because of the security situation in Israel and recent budget cuts, softball has lost a lot of its funding. Your purchase today will generate much needed financial support for Team Israel Softball in their endeavor to represent Israel and the world Jewish community at the premier European tournament in our sport, and hopefully, ultimately, at the Olympics.  Additional financial support can be made through the JNF here.

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